Joe of The Week: Python Trooper

The Joe of the Week is the Python Trooper. This figure was completed from the Big Joe Haul 2018. Growing up I never owned any Python Patrol figures. This figures has very nice paint, but does have a cracked right elbow.

I love the repaints for the Python Patrol. The Trooper comes With a white AK, From my understanding some came with this whitish color and some came with a a black AK. I am glad that they started giving the AK to the line solders as opposed to getting the Dragunov. The trooper is also my favorite Python Patrol solder from a color perspective. I think they put all the correct colors in the correct places. Unlike the Crimson Guard with the ugly grey mask.

So what is your favorite Python figure and why?


cobra python troopercobra python troopercobra python troopercobra python troopercobra python trooper


learn more about Python Trooper here: Link

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