Digital Storytelling: Ideas for an ad campaign.

We are starting our ad campaign project in Digital Storytelling. one of our first steps is to come up with the idea that we are going to do. “My channel” focus on the tutorials.

The campaign will focus a man struggling to understand some software.


scene: man working on a computer and looking frustrated.

Man: I wish these software was not complex, but i need it to help me complete this project. If only there was an easy way to learn this software.

Voice: there is a better way.

Man: what was that?

Voice: thejtj

Man: DJ who?



Voice: go forth and learn

Man: ok let me check this channel out,  hmm. I guess I will give it a try.

scene: later in time. same man sitting at computer.

Man: man this project is coming out great. I am so glad that I found It relay helped me learn this software fast and efficiently.

Voice: You’r welcome.

Man: Man looks around nervously.




well that is my ruff idea for a commercial, it has to be shot and edited on my phone. lets see how it comes out.



Oh on a side note my first idea was to use my Moe Rhino design. He is the spokesperson for Moe Cigarettes. However I did not feel like buying some cigarettes so I canned that idea.

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