Inkscape Project: Button

  1. In this project you will create a 3 buttons.
  2. Click on the link and watch the video:
    2. The video takes you through the steps of how to make a simple power button
    3. Pause and rewind the video as needed.
  3. Search the internet for images of power buttons and other buttons to use as a reference.
  4. Open Inkscape.
  5. Make sure the document is sized to 8.5 inches wide and 11 inches high.
  6. Use the skills you have learned in Inkscape to make a power and 2 other buttons.
  7. The project must have the following elements:
    1. A gradient
    2. A power button
    3. 2 other buttons in the same style as the power button.
      1. Example: Play, rewind, pause, video game controller buttons, etc.
    4. Name you file the following:
      1. Class_firstname_lastname_button
    5. Project Grade
      1. 25 points for naming the project correctly
      2. 25 having the document sized correctly
  • 50 for including all the required elements.

Raise your hand when complete.