Inkscape Project Pac-Man

  1. In this project you will create an image based on the classic video game character Pac-Man.
  2. Click on the link and watch the video:
    2. The video takes you through the steps of how to make a simple Pac-Man with surrounding.
    3. Pause and rewind the video as needed.
  3. Search the internet for images of Pac-Man. Use these as a reference when working on your project.
  4. Open Inkscape.
  5. Change the document size to 8.5 inches high and 11 inches wide.
  6. Create a black background.
  7. Use the skills you have learned in Inkscape to create Pac-Man. In his game play environment.
  8. The project must have the following elements:
    1. Pac-Man or Mrs. Pac-Man
    2. The circle that they eat
    3. Walls on the map
    4. And one other object from the game
      1. Examples: Ghost, cherry, score, etc.
    5. Name you firle the following:
      1. Class_firstname_lastname_pacman
    6. Project Grade
      1. 25 points for naming the project correctly
      2. 25 having the document sized correctly
      3. 50 for including all the required elements.
  1. Raise your hand when complete.