Digital Storytelling: Who will use the game and why?

In this entry I will answer the question: “Specify in more detail by whom and how the game will be used to what end.”


The Frontier target demographic will be middle class males aged 25 to 50. Other key words used to describe our target player base interests are; gamer, history, survival, old west, fantasy, RPG, crafting, hunter, fisherman, nature, outdoors man.  We will be making a game for people who want to experience what it is like to start from nothing and build a life in the wilderness, while maintaining and coexistence with nature. The players we envision seeing in our game are used to playing survival, RPG, MMOs and world builders. But in the end these players are just a target and we expect to have a percentage of players that are new to the genre and or do not fit this mold.

The game will primarily be used as entertainment. However It can be adapted to meet specific regiments from organizations such as school, government, and private industry. Some examples would be: creating a light version to be used in grade school to show the impact of over hunting on biomes. Or a specific version the forestry service that will show the effects of how clearing timberland in a specific area will effect the fauna.



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