Digital Storytelling: How to find and investor for our game?

For this entry I will answer this questions: “Lay out how you would go about actually finding an investor that WILL give you $200.000 and two years time.”


This is my thought process on how to acquire the financing I need:

  1. Questions i need to answer before I talk to anyone
    1. Make sure my game idea is solid.
      1. what games are out there like mine?
        1. is mine better? is this a popular style of game? is the market saturated?
      2. what do other games do that mine does not? why?
      3. why is my game better and how?
    2. What is the financial model?
      1. how will this game make money?
      2. how will I use the money I is given to me?
      3. what is timeline for deliver and repayment?
      4. is additional financing a consideration?
    3. What is my plan to build the game
      1. what will I make/do
      2. what will I pay to get made for me?
      3. how will it be delivered, download – hardcopy?
  2. After answering these questions I need to research.
    1. how to people get financing for games?
      1. look at forums – books and other online resources.
    2. Am I just looking at private lending or institutional?
    3. Can I contact other indie developers and see who they have used
    4. Is there any grants that can be applied for to create the game?
    5. Am I only looking for an American lender or can I look internationally?

This was more of a brainstorm than an in-depth answer, It is just hard to come up with solid ideas when I have so many unanswered questions.


So what am I missing what steps should I take?

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