Hobby Update: Masters Painting Progress

I have not posted any updates in a while. Couple of reasons; I have not “fully” painted a bunch of models, I have been half painting them and planning on basing them latter. I also have been doing night classes, working, kids soccer, and I purchased a rent house that I had to get ready to rent…..Anyone need a 2-1 in Pearland? All that said life has been a little busy and I am beginning to feel the pressure of getting all my painting done for the Masters. I dont feel I am in a bad spot, just not a great one. I have a couple weeks off at for the holidays, so come January 5th I will have a better gauge of were I am at with everything.

I was halfway done with this post when I found out there would be an FAQ in the next week or so, and Skaven are looking to have a points adjustment. I just hope I don’t have to change my list up. Or if I do that I am not wasting time painting things that will have to be taken out. I plan on focusing on my Storm Fiends over the next few weeks, but I feel they are a key unit to get a points increase, so I am a bit worried to put effort into them. I am 40 points under with my list, so I have a little wiggle room. I can also drop a rattling gun to free up some more. It would be awesome if things went down in points. I would love to have another rattling gun or another ranged unit. All in all I am a bit worried that I may be totally reworking the list.


At this point I have been working with the contrast paint for a while. There are things I love and some stuff I do not.

Love: yellow, flesh, fur, wood

Hate: They light grey that I wanted to use of metal is crap. The black is sub-par it needs a few coats to look good.

I have really been digging the wylde wood color. for the most part it gives an awesome shade. It is a little dark at times, but it gives that old weathered wood feel. I have been washing it with Nuln Oil, but not dry brushing it. It does not necessarily need the dry brushing and as a time saver I have been skipping over that step.

I will honestly say that contrast paint should be part of everyone’s paint kit. I have found that it is a great time saver for many colors.


Gnawholes: I have debated putting a gloss varnish on the warp in the middle, but I am scared it will look bad and there is no going back from a gloss varnish.




Plague Furnace: Please, Please, Please listen, paint this in parts before you build it! It was very difficult to paint all the internal woods parts.

plague furnace

plague furnace

plague furnace

plague furnace


Plague Monks: These are the first 5 Monks that are totally complete. I have about 50 painted, but I put a wash on these and completed the basing. I will admit that these are not my best painting, but they look fine on the tabletop.

plague monk

plague monk


Current status of Monks and Clanrats: This is just an overview of all the line units. I have about 30 monks left to paint and 135 to base.



Color Guide:

  • Prime
    • Krylon Flat White. “It seems to work nicely with the contrast, I think the any flat white would work, so save yourself some money.
  • Blisters
    • Plaguebearer Flesh
  • Skin
    • Guilliman Flesh
  • Fur
    • Gore-Grunta Fur
  • Parchment, Feet wrapping, belts
    • Skeleton Horde
  • Wood
    • Wyldwood
  • Robes
    • Nazdreg Yellow
  • Cowl
    • Black Templar
  • Tail
    • Volupus Pink
    • Layer – Guilliman Flesh, “The pink by itself makes it a bit to pink so a layer of flesh over the top get the tone in line.
  • Metal
    • Basilicanum Grey
      • “out of all the colors this is the most disappointing. It looks washed out and light, may be better with 2 coats.”
  • Teeth, Nails, spikes
    • Aggaros Dunes
  • Eyes
    • Blood Angles Red

For the Funace and Gnawholes I used:

  • Brass
    • Base
      • Screaming Bell
    • Wash
      • Nuln Oil
    • Dry
      • Runelord brass
  • Silver
    • Base
      • Boltgun Metal
    • Wash
      • Nuln Oil
    • Dry/Edge
      • Runefange steel
  • Warpstone
    • Base
      • calaban green x2
    • Wash
      • nuln oil
    • HL
      • light green
    • Spot
      • yellow



Test Games

I have not had a chance to take my list to any local tournaments and it is looking as I will not have a chance to play in any before the masters. I have got a few games in against the new Bonereapers and I am 2 and 1. They are hard as nails. Just from the test games I am getting a better feel for the way the rats work. I plan on playing at least 1 game a week for till the masters. I would love to get in on a tournament so I can get some extra games in, but I am not sure one will be coming up in the next month.

I am just a bit underwhelmed with the Storm Fiends so far. In my games they have always had a -1 or -2 to hit because of the Nexus and Katakros, Or Nagash has shut down my cast to so re-rolls from More More Warp Power. They have not been bad, but defiantly not worth the 500 point investment. I still feel like they have the best potential, but would Jazzels or Warfire cannons have been better?

Monks are nice, but I may be regretting not going double blades. All the extra attacks from the staffs are nice, but I think rerolling would be better. Of course this is me saying that when for the last four games they have been swinging at Bonereapers with 3 up saves rerolling ones and a 6+FNP. So they are just not mowing stuff down like they should. It will be interesting to play an opponent that is a bit more squishy and see what happens.


Thanks for reading.

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