Digital storytelling – What would it take to make our video game?

In tonights class we were asked to come up with a 15minute plan to make our video game a reality. (this is the game in question:  )

We would have 200k investment and two years to produce it. if at the end of the 2 years we do not have a working game we would have to pay back the money we spent.


My first thought about this proposal is, not no but hell no. With my rudimentary 3d graphics skills and minimal coding knowledge it would take me most of the first year to just understand what I am doing. I also beleve that 200k would not buy much a great amount of help. However all that said I will pretend that I would take the challenge.

So what would I do on day one and beyond.

  • Google how to make a video game.
    • find some good books on the topic to read.
    • bookmark all the best blogs on indie game design
    • find the best channels for indie game design.
    • spend some time looking at what is out there: explore what is being done in the industry.
  • Define my scope
    • understand what I want and can create
      • do we us a preexisting engine to run it?
    • make a ruff timeline
    • look at my skillset and decide what I will do and what may need to be outsourced.
    • begin to formulate what I need to complete this task
  • begin work
    • learn the base skills needed to code the game
    • outsource what I know I cannot do.
    • as the game begins to coalesce adjust the timeline as needed and learn new skills/outsource.
  • Trouble shoot and modify as needed
  • play test and refine
  • deliver


This this is my brainstorm workflow. How should i change it? what do i need to consider?

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