Digital Storytelling – 3 cornerstones of “The Frontier”

In class we were instructed to answer how these three game aspects will affect our game / how we will incorporate them into our game.

  1. what is the conflict in your game and how do you keep it from resolving?
  2. how much freedom do you give to players?
  3. how much do you have to guide players? keep them on the A story path.


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  1. The conflict in the game is the players survival. You have to harvest recourses to eat and make shelter. If you do not you will die – game over – . However if you over harvest one item it could throw the ecosystem out of balance and cause a cascade effect that ultimately ends with you dying. Just when you think that you have mastery the lands random events will trigger to cause the game to become harder, (fires burn the forest, freak blizzard kills the crops, disease kills a herd).
  2. Players have freedom to do what they wish, however they will need to learn that all actions have consequences and could result in death. one of the primary limiting factors is the map. at some point the map will need to end and have a boundary.
  3. You will guide the players very little. them will be limited interaction with NPCs that will give you hints and tips to help you out. You can seek this advice out and it will make the game easier or provide mini-quests. The beginning of the game will have an optional tutorial period were an experienced frontiersman walks you through all the things you will need to know to get started in the game, (how to hunt, fish, trap, plant, etc.) There is not necessarily an A story path other than the one you make.

This is how I answers these questions. How would you respond?



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