Joe of the Week : Slip-Stream 1

The Joe of the Week is Slip-Stream V1. He came packaged with the Conquest X-30 fighter. Growing up I had the Conquest and can remember taking it out in the yard and having a dogfight against my neighbors Skystriker. I held on to the Plane for a long time, but have no idea how long ago I lost Slip-Stream.

There are 2 versions of Slip-Stream, a made is China and a made in Hong Kong. This is the Hong Kong version and was acquired in the the Big Joe Haul 2018. Take the time to read his file card, it interesting and nicely thought out.

The design of this figure is topnotch, He looks like a pilot should look. I also like how they added in the grey to tie him in with the grey of his plane. All in all well made figure.


So which pilot has the best design?

slipstreamslipstream  slipstream slipstream


Learn more about Slip-Stream here: link

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