Blood Axe Orks Batch 3

This is the 3rd batch of Blood Axe Orks for the Montags Games Kill Team League. This is the last of the models for my kill team.


blood axe ork boy

blood axe ork boy

Blood Axe

blood axe ork boy


Color Guide:

  1. Prime
    1. Flat black
  2. Skin
    1. base
      1. Snot Green x2
    2. Wash
      1. Nuln Oil
    3. Dry
      1. Warboss Green
  3. Camo
    1. Base
      1. Dawnstone x2
    2. Spot
      1. Shadow grey
      2. Black
      3. Astronomican grey
    3. Wash
      1. Nuln oil

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