Joe of the Week: Darklon

The Joe of the Week is Darklon. I owned him as a kid, I always thought he had a cool design, his mask¬† looks menacing. His green camouflage has a good design, but I would like the green to be a bit darker. If you look closely at his torso it has a interesting texture.¬† I will say his vehicle the Evader is a little strange, giant missiles and inline wheels, I’m not sure it would be able to function properly, “looks a little top heavy”. All in all a very over the top character.

This figure came from The Big Joe Haul, Darklon is a very common figure, but make sure you check that the color has not rubbed off his grenades.

I like/hate the fact that he uses telemarketing to score jobs for his mercenary army.








Learn more about Darklon here: Link

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