Slambo GT Army Complete!

Well it was a little work, but I managed to complete building and painting my list for Slambo GT in San Antonio. I would say that this was not as hard a project has my last army, primarily because the number of models dropped and I did not go to my Nagash level on any of the units.

You can see most of my thoughts on the tactics of the list here: Link

What I am hopping this weekend

  • Have a safe drive there and back
  • Get a chance to see some of the other AOS guys from the other cities.
  • Meet some new friends.
  • Max my painting points.
  • Win at least 3 games.

I am looking forward to hanging out with all the crews from the other cities, I hope we will get an opportunity to go out to supper with them.

I know my list has a few hard counters, shooting, hoards of -1 to hit models. But if I get a little lucky on match-ups I could win 3 games.


Models, Board, and Retrospect on the Project

This was not that bad of a build and paint. It took a week or so longer than I wanted. I still have a few summonable units that I did not get to build and paint, like a unit of Flesh Hounds, a Chariot, and a Skull Cannon.  The likelihood of me using any of those was low, primarily because I use the Blood Tithe mostly on the ability chart. If I do summon models it is to bring in Bloodletters to hold objectives with number of bodies.

I think the display board is a bit crowded with all the models, I would like a few less just for aesthetics. I think the big models take away from the display as a whole and it does not help that all the Bloodthirsters are in the same pose. They are great models, just on the board I have constructed 3 seem to crowed it a little.

I think if I could go back and change anything about the project, I would have not built a second Fury BT. I had an extra built and then switched it out for a wrath. That $140 I could use on something else. Also I may have gone with Chaos Warriors over Blood Reavers. I dont think I would have had time to paint all of them though.

Khorne display table


Khorne display table

Khorne display table

Khorne display table

Khorne display table


Khorne display table

Khorne display table


Whats next?

The weekend after Slambo the last ranked tournament will take place in Houston at Atomic. I am debating on going. I have a lot of personal stuff I have been putting off, but if I bomb at the tournament I may need the points. However I have worked out a deal with a mercenary band of rats to bring out to the tournament. They will not guarantee a victory for me but they would put the odds in my favor for sure.

I have a plan for the army I may take to The Texas Masters if I make the cut. I am not sure on it yet. I don’t know if I will run this list for that tournament, we will just have to see how it does this weekend.

after that I am going to lay low for a bit and build some models. Start getting prepped for next season.




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