Joe of the Week: Night Force Crazylegs

The Joe of the Week is Crazylegs v2, AKA Night Force Crazylegs. This figure is in great condition, It has minimal paint wear and nothing is broken. It was picked up as part of the Big Joe Haul 2018. I completed it buy purchasing a butt-stock on ebay. I did not own any night force growing up. Probably because I never really went to Toys-R-Us, most of my Joes came from Walmart.

As with most of the Night Force figures the repaints are an upgrade over the original colors. There was not really anything wrong with how Crazylegs V1 looked, but his red helmet and padded shirt make him look more like a training instructor than an actual combat soldier. The blackout version is way more tactile. All in all there is nothing outstanding about Crazylegs and there is nothing horrible about him. He is just a solid looking figure with solid accessories.


What is the best Night Force re-paint.


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Learn more about Night Force Crazylegs here: Link

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