Joe of the Week: Raptor 1

The Joe of the Week is Raptor v1. This figure was completed from various sources, such as local purchase and Ebay.

What can I say about this awesome specimen of a figure. Well he has a bird and a cape, and a bird hat, and no shirt. In his bio he is a tax consultant and he breads big birds. Honestly this is just one of the strangest pre 90s Joes. I am just not sure about the concept or execution of this figure. Just imagine you are on a combat operation and then you run into this guy on the battlefield. You would think he is out of his mind. Then he would attack you with his bird.

The design of the figure is a bit out of left field, I think he looks more like a 1950s comic book villain. from the waist up he is not very tactile. he could have looked a bit better without the bird head hat and possibly a shirt. From the waist down he is fine. The colors work both tacitly and for the design idea. They did not add to many feathers and other stuff to make him extra gaudy.

I think the entire concept could have worked with a few tweaks. It would have also been cool to see him come with some sort of glider.

So who do you think is the craziest 1980s design concept.

Raptor v1

Raptor v1


Raptor v1


Learn more about Raptor v1 here: link

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