Joe of The Week: Undertow 1

The Joe of the Week is Undertow V1. I owned Undertow as a kid, this was one of my favorite figures. I always thought he had some of the best accessories. This figure was completed with parts from my original figure, parts from the Big Joe Haul 2018, and


His design is good, I always liked how underwater Joes were designed the smooth suits and subdued colors were always nice and most appeared to look the part. The red is not very out of place and give a bit of a contrast to the darker gray, green, and black.

I always really liked is accessories for the most part. Is spear was nicely designed. It looked like a savage weapon from a fantasy setting. His sled was functional and has a bit of the art deco style that is prevalent in the Iron Grenadier line. The mask is also a nice, I have always wondered why only one eye? It looks cool but what is going on under the other side, does it have a lens or camera or something like that? On a personal level I like the barracuda, however I always thought it was silly for any Joe to have a “Fish” companion”,instead it would have been nice to give him at least a pistol or other weapon.


So the question I have is why not change the name a bit.  On the front of his card it list him as “Destro’s Frogmen” and the back it implies they are a group or solders. I ask because should they be called The Undertow, Undertows, or something plural.


Undertow gi joe cobraUndertow gi joe cobra Undertow gi joe cobra Undertow gi joe cobra  Undertow gi joe cobra


Learn more about Undertow here: Link

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