Joe of the Week: Metal-Head

The Joe of the Week is Metal-Head v1. The was released in 1990 as part of series 9.

Most of this metal head was from my childhood collection, however mine had his leg pegs broken. Other than some paint wear on his goggles he is very nice shape. I always enjoyed playing with this figure as a kid. I thought his suit was cool, but usually only use his backpack and not his leg missiles.

His aesthetics: Where to being. His body design and paint are good. The colors work nicely and he has that Iron Grenadier feel. I also like how his grey harness matches the grey of his accessories.  About his accessories, man they are little bit much. First thing I think about is the weight even it is was made out of some super light alloy it would be incredibly heavy especially with the missiles loaded. Next is just walking about. I hope he never has to run because those missile pods on his leg would flop around and throw him off balance. His helmet is functional for protecting his neck, but is not visually pleasing on the figure it just looks bad as a toy.

I think my biggest complaint with the figure is his hair. In all his art, his hair is ether short and disheveled or longish. the figure makes his hair look like he is a banker or something.

so what do you think is his gear functional?

 metal head head


Learn more about Meta-Head here: link

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