Digital Storytelling: Final Project

Our final project was:

Cohesive ad campaigns for a product or service. Each campaign has to have one of the following:

  1. One or more 30 second video clips, both shot and edited mobile
  2. One Poster
  3. One Banner
  4. One Audio Spot
  5. One VR concept




This video was shot on a Samsung S7 and edited with Adobe Clip.

The style I was going for was: “Those rich guys on YouTube trying to get you to buy into their system.”



#2. Examples of posters for the campaign. The stop and just go catch phrases are features heavily.


#3. Banners

#4. Audio spot:



VR concept for


The VR concept will take THEJTJ.Com video intro immerse the viewer in it. The intro will start as normal however once complete the logo will reemerge from the ground. While this is happening the letterhead will emerge from the ground behind the viewer. While this is happening the music will change to a softer melody that conveys a sense of easy. The viewer can then look around the environment in 360. The viewer can use the VR controls to spin the logo in multiple directions. They can also spin the the letterhead. If they select the letterhead with the controls it plays the audio, “Just go”.





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