Joe of The Week: Mutt V2

The Joe of The Week is Mutt v2 AKA Slaughters Marauders Mutt.

This figure was completed as park of the Big Joe Haul 2018. I never owned him as a kid, I think the only Mutt I ever had was v3, one of the last figures I ever purchased as a kid. This figure is in great condition with no cracks and nice paint.

Mutt v1 has a very nice design, his uniform is practical and nicely colored. The v2 is just a repaint of the v1 figure and he keeps his practical military look. The blue vest ties him to the rest of the Marauders, and is not that great from a tactical standpoint. He also came with some nice accessories, however I wounder why they changed his helmet?

 mutt and junkyard

Learn more about Mutt v2 here: link

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