Joe of the Week: Python Tele-Viper

The Joe of the week is the Python Tele-Viper, or Tele-Viper v2.

This figure was completed from the Big Joe Haul 2018. His paint is nice however he does have 2 cracked elbows. I am sure at some point I will be able to replace them or just get an upgraded figure.

I owned the original Tele-Viper as a kid. I never liked him growing up. I just did not like the way his head/face looks. I think it could be his head looks smashed into the helmet and he has that snarky smile, or is his face in pain from the helmet.

If you take away his head I think the figure is solid. It is has a functional design that is particle for his assigned role as an RTO.


On a side note I was an RTO for about half a deployment in the Army. I am happy they supplied me with an M4 and not a scanner.


 Python tele-viper


Learn more about Python Tele-Viper here: Link

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