Joe of the Week: Budo

The Joe of the Week is Budo. Budo was released at part of series 7 in 1988.

Growing up Budo was one of my favorite figures. He looks very different from the other Joes in the line, he wears traditional samurai armor and is armed with 3 different blades. The only modern weapons he carries are the grenades on his backpack.  His specialty is listed as infantry and a secondary is hand to hand instructor. I would think that he would be a little outgunned if he went into combat with just his swords. This is my original figure, cracked elbows and all.

aesthetically he is a very nicely designed figure. his color pallet fits with his design. The only thing out of place is his red sword. Another interesting note on Budo is his molded sword hook on his waist. He is one of several figures in 1988 that had molded hooks on the waist to attach accessories. 88 seemed to be a test run for the 89 series that saw most of the figures have molded spots to hold accessories.

Just a great figure. Who is your favorite hand to hand specialist in the Joe line?



Learn more about Budo here: Link

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