Joe of the Week: Night-Viper 1

The Joe of the Week is Night-Viper V1. I owned this figure as a kid. He had awesome accessories and a cool color scheme. I was able to complete this Night-Viper from the Big Joe Haul 2018.

I love to read all the viper profile cards, they are always talking about how hardcore the Cobra solders train. But in the end they are always getting shown up by the Joes.

I think 1989 is one of the best years for Joes. It had some good concepts, this year always stands out in my mind as the year of the on board accessory. I count 11 figures who have some sort of body molding that allow an accessory attach to them. The down side of this is that lots of these pegs get broken off.

The design of the figure is excellent, I have so many questions about the gear; what is the thing on his left leg? Is is a grenade launcher, or an exo-suit? What is the handle on the left side of his backpack for? What type of rifle is he caring? Just an all around interesting figure.

Night-Viper Night-Viper





Learn more about Night-Viper here: Link

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