Digital Storytelling Radiolab Reflection

My homework this week was to listen to this Radiolab recording and reflect on it.

Listen to this podcast and do a blog entry about it: Reflect on the story structure and the way the makers mix story sections with bits of personal conversation. To what end?


Loops. I liked the topic of this podcast and it was very interesting how the tied it all together.

For an hour long show it was nicely laid out. it kept me engaged from story to story. The addition of sound effects gave the show extra life and helped pull you in. I would say that the stories were almost interviews. With the host leading the discussion, asking interesting questions and keeping things on track. the interludes with the personal conversation was ok. It kept everything on the lite side and added a little humor. It was a change from the norm to here them leave in some of the mistakes, it added an experimental element.

I think my favorite stories were the dead whale and the lady with memory loss. These were both interesting to me. During the whale story I kept wishing for pictures to help me really see what was happening. I had to look up pictures of Hag fish to see what they look like, scary.

I enjoyed this podcast enough to give it another try.

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