Tech-Priest – the Cybernetica Datasmith

I am using this Tech-Priest Datasmith as a Tech-Priest for my Astra Militarum army. Yes I know he does not have the axe, I was looking to convert his hand, but could not find an axe I liked and I was in a bit of a time crunch for a tournament.

I really love painting all the new Adeptus Mechanicus models they have great detail. You could spend hours making them look awesome, or do like me and a few fast coats and a wash they still look great on the table.

Big shout out to TJ, for hooking me up with this model!


Cybernetica Datasmith

Cybernetica Datasmith

Cybernetica Datasmith

Cybernetica Datasmith

Tech-Priest - the Cybernetica Datasmith


Color Guide:

  1. Prime
    1. Vallejo black brush on primer
  2. Robe
    1. base
      1. Mepheston red, x2
    2. Wash
      1. Nuln oil
    3. Dry
      1. Wazdakka Red
  3. Silver metal
    1. Base
      1. Leadblelcher
    2. Wash
      1. Nuln Oil
    3. Dry
      1. Runefang steel


Learn more about Cybernetica Datasmith here: link


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