Joe of the Week: Red Dog 1

The Joe of the Week is Red Dog v1. I did not own Slaughters Renegades when I was growing up. I wish They would have released more multi figure packs like this when I was a kid.

I completed Red Dog from the Big Joe Haul 2018. I have had his accessories for a while, and owned him through lots a few time, but have always sold him because his gold was worn off. The gold on this one is not perfect, but the best I have had so I decided to keep him.

I remember watching G.I. Joe the Movie and seeing Red Dog for the first time. It was years before I even realized he was Somoan. Growing up in a small rural community my world view was rather shallow and had little exposure to other cultures. I like that G.I. Joe was always striving to bring in outside cultures and give a good cross view of american society to the average white kid.

When looking at this figure he has an ok design he is very little military and mostly just football. He is another example of the Joes bringing in former athletes and letting them wear their sport uniforms.




red dog red dog red dog red dog red dog


Learn more about Red Dog here: Link

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