Digital Storytelling podcast review

Last week during my Digital Storytelling class we were give the following assignment.

Listen to these three podcasts and create a blog entry about them:

  1. Moth:
  2. This American Live:
  3. Columbia University Storytelling Project:


So what did I think of each?

  1. The moth, was all good story, what were mostly engaging. The best was the woman from New York and her recount of her teenage years as the step daughter of a millionaire. The Texan that is a cartoonist for the New Yorker was interesting to me because I relate to him. But I can also see if he did not share my demographic his story would probably have been very boring. The ending also lacked power. My least favorite was the woman who avoided rape. She had a very strange tone and I am not sure about how to feel for her as a character.
  2. This American Live was in my opinion the best of the three to listen too. Both of the stories had an interesting topic and I wanted to know more. I would have to say they boarded on something closer to journalism as opposed to a personal story like the ones in the Moth. On a side note I have always thought of MSG being bad for you. Even after listening to the audio I still do not know the truth.
  3. Yea, well this was almost impossible for me to make it through the Columbia University Storytelling Project. I am not sure if it was the concept, the digital voice, or the more scientific tone that did not capture me. Regardless I did not find it that entertaining.

Well thats what I got.

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