Blood Axe Ork Kommandos Burna

My third member of the Kommando Kill Team, is named Snott. I am running him as a demolitions specialists, there are some decent stratagies that Burna Boys can use. However the D3 shots is kind of underwhelming.


Ork Kommando burna


Color Guide:

  1. Prime
    1. Flat black
  2. Skin
    1. base
      1. Snot Green x2
    2. Wash
      1. Nuln Oil
    3. Dry
      1. Warboss Green
  3. Camo
    1. Base
      1. Dawnstone x2
    2. Spot
      1. Shadow grey
      2. Black
      3. Astronomican grey
    3. Wash
      1. Nuln oil


Learn more about Burna Boyz here: Link

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